Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Shelley Bay

I have been absolutely BUSTING to show you this new design, and I'm super excited that its finally ready!!

Shelley Bay was knit all the way back at the beginning of December (not that long ago I guess) when my family and I went on our holiday to the South Island of New Zealand. Picton to be precise. Shelley Bay is a gorgeous area down there and I just had to name this pattern for the area. Especially since I knit most of it while on holiday there.

The fronts are textured using a simple cable pattern, which is reflected on each side. The cable is both charted and written, and I have included instructions for using a cable needle, and cabling without the needle.
There is also a wee bit of detail on the sleeve to keep things interesting!

Sized from NB - 10 years, you can read all about it here .

For the next week, Shelley Bay is going to be lovingly discounted to just $4 US, it will revert to $5.50 US at midnight on the 12th of February.

It has been test knit and tech edited AND I am also hosting a KAL over here. 
Knit in the Scrummy Dream in Color Calm base (in Shy), I have some more for prizes -  thanks so much to Dream in Color. If you haven't tried this yarn yet, I suggest you do :) Its soft, and knitting it feels so smooooth, but it doesn't appear to  have the pilly nature of other soft twisted yarns.

I will leave you with a few more photos, from some of my wonderful test knitters, aren't they gorgeous!


  1. That is lovely, the yarn you used looks like the inside of a shell too

  2. If I had a little girl, I would knit a lot of your designs, especially this one. I LOVE IT!

  3. Oooh, so lovely! Congrats on yet another wonderful design. I haven't knit with that yarn yet and must!

  4. It is fantastic! I love it!!! Definitely a MUST KNIT for me :)

  5. It is a beautiful sweater! The minute I have a granddaughter I plan to knit several of your gorgeous designs. :-)

  6. So pretty and all those colors too that look delightful. I think I may need to knit one up for my niece who is only 7 weeks old, but I am sure she grow into it!

  7. It looks so so cute! It looks like you've designed it for a good range of sizes too (that is one thing I really love about your designs). Also, the dress she is wearing, did you make it? It looks too pretty to be found in stores.

  8. Lovely. Another sweater to add to my queue. But mama's making herself something first.

  9. this is a beautiful design and sweater! i wish i had a little one to knit for! i am in love with that pink yarn.


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