Sunday, July 14, 2013

Waihi Socks

Back in the land of the internet - Whoop!! To say I am pleased to be back is an understatement, however I also have to admit to coping quite well without it. I did quite a lot of work,  and a lot of knitting, so perhaps no internet for a week wasn't such a bad thing.

As soon as I was back online, it was time to release my newest sock pattern. The Waihi Socks are a gorgeous feminine sock which combine my love of a simple cable and some simple lace, to make something gorgeous. I mirrored the lace on the back of the leg,  which is probably my favourite part of the whole sock!

The patterning on the sock is both charted, and written, and its a fairly short repeat so becomes quite easy to memorise. My ones are knit in Vintage Purls sock, in Mint Chick, a lovely light mint colour. My test knitters used a variety of colours, some a lot bolder than mine, and they all look gorgeous - you should check them out.

All of my sock patterns are currently discounted as part of my Sezza Sock KAL, Waihi socks included - just add the pattern to your cart and use the code Sezza Socks to get 20% off, for all or any of them!
And feel free to pop over and join in the Sock KAL, there is still plenty of time, it runs until the 15th of August. I've nearly finished my first KAL sock!


  1. Great sock pattern, love the lace effect.
    Cheers, Anita.

  2. They are so pretty! It must have been hard to wait a week to be able to introduce them on your blog. I like the mint colour you used too. The soft colour is perfect for the pattern!

  3. they are fab! I love the lace and cable pattern

  4. Lace and I don't get along too much, but those are lovely socks :)

  5. Glad to see you're back online now! I love this pattern, and the heel detail is just perfect.

  6. Can't wait to cast on a pair of these!


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