Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alec XL

Meet Alec XL. Alec XL is the grown up version of Alec. Almost as soon as Alec was off my needles, people started asking when I was going to do an adult version.

I have written Alec XL using Mens sizing charts, although this is definitely a unisex knit and can easily be knit (with, or without modification) for a Woman too. I quite liked the idea of stealing this one from my husband, but he seems to want to keep it!

The collar is totally optional, and there are some wonderful photos of a version without the collar over on Michelle's Blog.

I've added German Short Rows (Easy!) to the back of the collar, to help it sit more upright, and its a change I really love. This was actually a fairly late change to the pattern (like last week) so not what my testers used.

Alec XL is knit in Light Worsted Weight yarn, at a 20st gauge. My delicious yarn is by Jodulbug Creations, in Charcoal. Its so yummy and soft, and a perfect colour for my husband!

I have also included some shaping to the body of the sweater. A lot of men actually are not straight up and down (even if they appear so) and actually their hips are slimmer than their chests. I have included measurements for both with and without this shaping so you can best decide based on measurements. I did half of the suggested decreases for my husband. His hips are slimmer than his chest, but not as much as the sizing standards suggest. 
sizing chart, click to see larger. Also on pattern page. 
All sizes given in the sizing chart are FINISHED sizes.

This is the Large size, knit for a 39.5" chest. That gives about 4.5" of ease. If knitting for a woman, I would knit it with closer to zero ease, possibly even negative ease, depending on how you like to wear your sweaters.

So there you go - Alec XL is ready to go. Its been test knit, and tech edited, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

You can buy it from Ravelry here. Or Craftsy here.

Special thanks to my wonderful husband, he doesn't really enjoy modelling for me, or having his photo taken in general!


  1. Yay! Your husband looks great in that sweater, I can definitely see why he wouldn't want to share.

  2. It is a great pattern! It is every bit as nice in the grown-up version as the child's. Your side bar of designs is becoming impressively long!

  3. CONGRATS on the release of Alec XL! I really enjoyed knitting it, and Mike is CRAZY about it. I think he's wishing summer away so he can start putting it into his regular rotation. :-D

  4. Cool!!! It's a lovely mens sweater - I bet it does well :)

  5. The sweater looks great. My husband never wears sweaters. He asked me to make him one once. I laughed and declined. Ill post aboutbit eventually. I just have to finish the socks I started for him.


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