Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mystery Socks - Not a mystery any more!

My Mystery sock knit a long has been going really well, with lots of lovely knitters joining in and giving these mystery socks a try!

Now that all the clues have been out for a week, and quite a few people have finished, I thought I should share mine with you. I haven't yet finished my KAL ones, they are languishing along with all my other knitting - but these are the ones I knit to design the pattern.

These are really fun to knit, not overly complicated (after all I don't really like knitting overly complicated socks) but interesting and not at all boring. You can still get the pattern for free until the end of March and you can still join the KAL until the end of March too!

Now I'm off to work on my new pair of these - Autumn is on its way, and I'm sure my sock collection would like a new addition!


  1. They look great! My pair have been left feeling a bit unloved recently, I've not picked them up in ages. Must get a move on!

  2. They are gorgeous! Love the pattern! Happy Sunday xxx

  3. I love those socks! I'm sure everyone who did the mystery knit along is happy with their completed projects. Now I'm wishing I had joined!

  4. Die Socken gefallen mir sehr gut!!
    Leider ist das Muster in Englisch und da habe ich so meine Probleme!
    LG Gisela

  5. Another beautiful pattern! You're have a knack for incorporating simple and pretty stitch patterns into your designs!

  6. Love these! I'm on a sock kick right now and Ive got some yarn just waiting for this pattern!


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